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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We are experiencing some strong winds which is making the temperatures seem colder than it really is – I am so ready for Spring! Some of my flowers are already coming up and I am hoping the cold weather will not cause them to freeze. There is nothing like seeing beautiful spring flowers in full bloom.

I have some wonderful news to share with you! The sequel to Dangerous Liaisons is scheduled to be released June 1, 2019!!! Although I cannot reveal too much information on it as of now, I can say there is excitement, danger, mystery in this book. Although some story lines will not be resolved just yet (those occur in book #3!) – this novel proves to have some surprises and shockers! And that is all I can say for now.

My editor showed me the book cover last week and it is awesome! But again, I have to wait a while longer before I reveal it to you.

And that is all I have this week. I am diligently working on book #4 of the Dangerous Liaisons series and have possibly a title chosen for book five. Again, here is a picture from Pixabay. It is one of my favorites.

Happy Reading!



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Barbara Tyree Barbara Tyree was born and raised in Lexington, Virginia. She always thought Lexington was boring with nothing to do until she got married and moved to Leesville, Louisiana. After living there for three years she and her husband moved back to Lexington. She attended Dabney S. Lancaster. She has always had a passion for reading and writing. She loves animals but is allergic to cats. An avid Elvis Presley fan since she could remember as well as Rod Stewart but loves all types of music. Since writing Dangerous Liaisons (releasing in 2018), she has three other novels in the works as well as the sequel to Dangerous Liaisons. CONNECT: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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