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I normally don’t post more than once a week, but Robert Cano’s blog tour is about to end for the exciting release of  The Dark Archer. I read it and enjoyed it very much. Robert reminds me of the a “Nicholas Sparks” of the fantasy world-writers.  He has such a way with words wrapping you into the story with the characters having such powerful emotions.

I enjoyed the unique friendship between Bene and Feorin as they sometimes had to fight some battles against some of their enemies. Bene only wanted to save his princess but he had to fight other battles and as fate would have it, his friend Feorin was there to help.

I will not spoil this by telling you the ending. Each chapter is filled with excitement and action. I recommend this book  – even if you are not a fan of fantasy. Robert Cano’s words alone will capture your heart with his words as I’m sure when he writes, he digs deep within his soul and the words come pouring out.


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