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Are you ready for chapter 3? This will be the last week I will be posting chapters for you to read so if you have enjoyed reading Dangerous Liaisons, you can purchase it on Amazon or Smashwords.




She had watched Brad Geistmere from afar, especially after his wife and son died. She took him food for comfort, offered consolation, and tried to get him to talk, but men just weren’t ones for opening up. She couldn’t help it. She made a point to see him every day, every chance meeting she could.

Now she entered his home with a key she made from an extra he had lying around the house. He never suspected a thing, no matter how many times she came into his home. Men could be dense. It’s not like she was doing anything wrong either. After all, they are friends, well, sort of.

She knew he’d already left for work. She’d done this so many times before, and he never knew. She went through the rooms, sniffing the air for a whiff of Brad.

He only thought of her as a ‘good friend.’ How she hated it when he repeated it over and over again. She wanted more and willed herself to be patient with him.

The pills he took should have helped him move on, but still he didn’t seem ready for a girlfriend or a casual sexual relationship. She had dropped hints of interest, but they flew over his head. If it took her months, even years, she would continue to provide him with comfort food, friendly chats, and watch him from a distance. He didn’t even know she followed him. He ran a regular routine she knew so well, but she stayed away when Johnny Nelson and Jordan Andrews were around.

She walked into the bedroom, opened the dresser drawers, took out a pair of socks, and rubbed them against her face before putting them back where they belonged.

She didn’t know why she thought he was sexy. Maybe because he was five-foot-nine, with thick gorgeous brown hair and sexy cornflower- blue eyes. Every time she looked at him she had to force herself not to jump his bones. She wanted him that much. She wanted him to take her in so many ways. She just had to be patient, bide her time.

“You’ll be mine someday soon, Brad. Someday soon,” she said before she turned and walked out the door, locking it behind her as she left.

Sierra took the exit towards Lexington. Aunt Maggie wasn’t expecting her until this evening so she decided to drive around town, get her bearings.

It was about 4:00 PM when she made her way downtown, parked, and walked down the street. Most of the shops were unfamiliar to her, however one caught her eye. It was a fabric shop that sold yarns, sewing items, and fabric that appealed to her passion for knitting. She could not resist the temptation and went in. Inside the store, she could just smell the yarns as if they called her name. A shimmering, soft blue yarn caught her attention and she had to touch it. A nearby burnt red made her think of a roaring fire. She thought they would make perfect socks for Colton and Max.

It seemed to be a friendly place, the owner a lovely, cheerful, and kind woman. Several women sat at a table chatting and knitting, lending a warmth and camaraderie only found in a small town.

Having had her fill of checking out the changes to downtown, she got in her car again and headed toward Morris County High School. It had been years since she had attended, but the building still looked much the same, even after a few needed upgrades. Kids were still running track and a few cars were in the parking lot.

As she drove through, a man crossed ahead of her. He looked familiar. Johnny Nelson. The name and face brought back so many memories, both good and bad. He had hurt her back in college. Sierra knew he wouldn’t recognize her in her car, but seeing him made her stomach fluttery. She pressed on the gas pedal and sped off, not eager to dwell on that part of her history.

Johnny Nelson and Brad Geistmere always ate at Jordan’s house with her family, even when her husband worked late. After dinner, the kids went to their rooms to do homework. Johnny and Brad helped Jordan clear the table and do the dishes while Johnny filled them in on what he had discussed with Maggie.

“I don’t see how you could get Maggie’s hopes up like that,” Jordan admonished.

“I didn’t know what else to do,” Johnny explained, as he dried a plate and set it down on the counter. “I couldn’t disappoint her.”

“Yeah, but what if you never find Sierra?” Brad asked. “Man, she could be anywhere,” Brad said, adjusting his glasses.

“Damn it. You don’t have to keep reminding me.”

Brad and Jordan stopped what they were doing and stared at Johnny’s tone.

“Look, I just want to find her for Maggie,” Johnny said as he leaned against the counter.

“Could be you want to find her for yourself, too,” Jordan said.

“Well, I’d like to see her again.” Brad shrugged.

“Yeah, I wanna know why she left so abruptly,” Johnny said.

“Speaking of high school, guys, have you heard rumors about people selling drugs on school property?” Jordan asked.

“Haven’t heard anything.”

“Uh, me neither.” Brad almost dropped a dish as he put it in the cabinet.

“I’m sure our school isn’t drug free, though,” Johnny said.

“Let’s face it, drugs are around. Kids are going to experiment, at least some of them will. That’s just a fact of life, I guess,” Brad said, feeling uneasy and overwhelmed. He had an addiction to drugs, and he knew they were being sold on school property as he had bought some himself.

But he couldn’t tell Johnny and Jordan about the drugs. They wouldn’t understand. They didn’t know what it was like. How he felt. He needed those drugs. They were his best friends, but they just wouldn’t understand his need for the drugs, and he felt so damn guilty about that, like he was living a lie. But what else could he do?

From that first bottle he was hooked, told himself the pills were necessary for his survival, why else would the doctor prescribe them? But then the doctor didn’t think he needed them anymore and wanted him to seek counseling. It wasn’t his fault he had to get his drugs the illegal way.

Now he was in way over his head, he needed those pills. Craved them more than a person craved chocolate, more than a man craved a woman sexually. Suddenly, Brad felt a need to get out of the house, to be alone; call him crazy, but he couldn’t begin to explain why he did anything anymore. He wanted to be normal again.

“Guys, I’m going to call it a night. It’s been a long day for me. See you guys tomorrow.” He put the towel down and walked out abruptly.

After Brad had gone, and as Johnny was about to leave some twenty minutes later, Jordan gently laid her hand on his shoulder, “Johnny, did you notice anything different about Brad?”

“No, why?” he asked, stifling a yawn.

“I don’t know. Seemed like something was bothering him.”

“Probably tired. It’s been a long day.”

“You think that’s all it was?”

“I didn’t notice anything out of the normal. Just a little clumsy. Like I said, probably just tired. Thanks for dinner.”

“You’re welcome. Drive carefully.” She closed the door, realizing she was tired too, and looked at her watch. Even though it was only 8:30 PM, she had been up since five AM. Maybe Johnny was right, maybe Brad was tired.

Johnny tossed and turned in his bed. He dreamt about Sierra, things they did, places they’d gone, how she left him. Flashes of memories.

The women he’d tried dating in order to move on who never measured up.

His boxing career. That had kept him focused. Until that one night he slipped up. It had been her birthday. He was hungover after staying up all night with a hooker. From the moment he stepped into the ring that night, it was disastrous. His mind had wandered to Sierra. A thunderous left jab into his head, then another. Johnny couldn’t shake his opponent. Pain, over and over, until finally he blacked out. Waking up in the hospital. The doctor saying that if he boxed again, he could suffer severe brain damage, lose his eyesight, or he could die. Maggie asking him to find Sierra. And the most recent memory, when he thought he’d seen her driving in front of the school.

He woke up calling her name. Looking over at the nightstand, he noticed the time on the alarm clock, four am. The dream seemed so real. Had he seen Sierra? No, his mind played tricks on him. He wanted to find Sierra for Maggie, that’s why he had the dream. That’s all it could be. He turned over, closed his eyes, and the next thing he knew the blaring of the alarm woke him up.

He reached over, turned off the alarm, got out of bed, headed for the shower. In no time at all he was dressed for work. He walked into the kitchen, turned on the coffee maker, and stepped outside to grab the morning paper. Grabbing a cup of coffee, he turned on the small television. While he read his paper.

Brad decided to have breakfast at the Pure Delights Diner before heading off to the school. It was so early in the morning, the place wasn’t busy.

Josie Shepard greeted him as he walked in the door. “Good morning, Brad.”

“Uh, hey, I thought you usually worked evenings?”

“Yeah, well, I like evenings better, but one of the girls called out.” She picked up a menu and led Brad to a table.

“Would you like some coffee?”

“Yeah, sure.” He looked at the menu while she went to get his coffee. He wasn’t very hungry, and he didn’t know why he had come here. He only wanted to get out of the house.

Josie came back with the coffee, set it on the table. “You know, we should go out sometime, have a few laughs.”

“Uh, yeah, maybe.”


“Uh, I’ll just have some eggs and toast.”

Josie whirled around and gave his order to the cook. He hoped she would forget about their conversation. He didn’t want to come out and hurt her feelings, but he wasn’t ready to date yet. He might never be ready for that again.

Josie brought his order, and luckily for him, a few other people came in the diner, and she had no time to finish the conversation. As Brad ate fast, he noticed Josie kept staring at him. He left a tip at the table and walked over to the register to pay for his meal. Josie met him there.

“So, when do you think we can get together?

“Uh, I’ll give you a call. I’m busy right now with school.” Brad realized that was a lame excuse. He dropped his head as he felt heat color his face. He rushed from the diner.

“Well, if you don’t want to go out with me Brad Geistmere, just say so,” Josie said angrily, her cheeks reddening as she watched him walk to his car.



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