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This week I have been diligently working on Dangerous Desires – the sequel to Dangerous Liaisons. Maybe I’m jumping ahead since Dangerous Liaisons hasn’t been released yet but there’s been a lot of thrilling action going on in Dangerous Desires.  There’s an assassin on the loose who might actually be working for the CIA or not? Won’t that be interesting?  And I’m sorry to say, one of the main characters from Dangerous Liaisons will be getting killed off – but it is necessary, however, the death will be explosive in so many ways!

As with a new novel, even with a sequel, there will be some new characters, some you will love, others you won’t. Some will die, some won’t – and some will continue on into the third book of the series. As for this novel, part of it will take place in Lexington, Virginia as for the rest of it, well that has yet to be determined – you see the characters have a mind of their own so it’s hard to tell where the story will lead. Oh, the life of a writer is never boring!

So enjoy the warm weather, my friends. I’m off now to go do some writing on Dangerous Desires while I sit on my porch with my laptop and enjoy the beautiful weather! Until next week.

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Barbara Tyree Barbara Tyree was born and raised in Lexington, Virginia. She always thought Lexington was boring with nothing to do until she got married and moved to Leesville, Louisiana. After living there for three years she and her husband moved back to Lexington. She attended Dabney S. Lancaster. She has always had a passion for reading and writing. She loves animals but is allergic to cats. An avid Elvis Presley fan since she could remember as well as Rod Stewart but loves all types of music. Since writing Dangerous Liaisons (releasing in 2018), she has three other novels in the works as well as the sequel to Dangerous Liaisons. CONNECT: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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