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This week I am going to discuss the minor characters – the ones who have a few scenes but play an important role. Sometimes these characters turn out to be intriguing, so much so that they need to become major characters – and as I wrote this novel I had no intentions of certain characters becoming more alive. With that being said, some of these minor characters will have major roles in the sequel.

As a writer, you anticipate in writing your novel a certain way with characters coming and going; some dying, some being the bad guy and being hauled off the jail or getting killed; however, sometimes as a writer you get the experience of having certain characters just having that special quality, uniqueness, making his or her life wanting to be told and that has happened with a few of my minor characters in Dangerous Liaisons. (So much so, that there may be a third installment to this series!)

Take bad boy, Gary Falcon. He’s one of the bullies of Morris County High School. A punk kid in trouble all the time, doing drugs and who knows what else. But why? Is there some underlining reason why he does the things he does? Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out more about him?

Next, we have kookie, Josie Shepard. Not much known about her except she has a fixation on Brad.

Janet Carson, the guidance counselor. We know nothing about her – yet.

Scott Thompson, we know he has an ego problem and he is a teacher but nothing else.

Now, I’m not saying these characters will develop into anything major but you never know…

Until next week.

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