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This week I want to talk about two more interesting characters in Dangerous Liaisons: Brad Geistmere and Jordan Andrews  (the former best friends, as far as Sierra is concerned).

Brad was married and had a son but a tragic accident caused the deaths of his small family. To cope with the loss, he has become dependent on prescription pain pills and illegal drugs.

So far he’s been able to keep his secret from Jordan and Johnny. And then Sierra comes in the picture. One afternoon after school, she sees Brad take some pills. It doesn’t take her long to figure out he has an addiction, possibly selling. (She has to decide whether to confront him about his drug abuse, see if he will name the dealers – it’s a risk revealing  who she really is and what she really does for a living).

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Brad, he has a stalker and she wants very much to be with him -forever and always. In fact, she has a key to his house and comes and goes as she pleases. Obsessed to the core; she watches Brad’s every move and begins her plan for them to have a life together.

As a favor to Johnny, Brad is about to have a conversation with Sierra, seems they have something in common; a death of a spouse.  Johnny has hopes Brad will be able to break through and get Sierra to open up and find out why she is so angry with them. But this is Sierra’s chance and she takes it. Going with her instincts before Brad delves into the past. She confronts him about his addiction. Asks him about the dealers. Pulls out her FBI credentials and offers him a chance for rehab instead of jail time. Brad is shocked! He denies the addiction at first, and knowing the dealer’s but then he caves; finally agreeing to help Sierra. However, she threatens him, warns him. He cannot tell Jordan and Johnny that she is FBI – and she is going to make arrangements to get him in protective custody.

As Brad is about to go into protective custody, someone knocks Max out cold and Brad disappears. Who has Brad? Did the dealers find out he was going to squeal? Or did his stalker finally make her move?  Will Brad end up dead?

Jordan Andrews was known as the whore in high school. In college, she tried to change that reputation, yet somehow she ended up getting married three times and having five kids. Sierra was her best female girlfriend even though Johnny and Brad are her best male friends.

Jordan is glad knowing Sierra is coming to the high school reunion. She has missed her best friend.  When she first gets a glimpse of someone being mugged by two men and realize it’s her friend Sierra. She is more than shocked when she sees Sierra taking on the two men and beating the crap out of them with some kind of karate moves. Jordan knows immediately Sierra has changed.

When she sees Sierra take on a student in the cafeteria – again with the karate moves, Jordan realizes her friend has changed personality wised. The Sierra she once knew would have never been aggressive.

When she tries to talk to her and find out about the past, Sierra at first refuses until finally Jordan makes her angry and Sierra tells her everything. Why she left all those years ago ( sorry, not going to tell you here).

One day, Jordan is venting about her current husband. She thinks he’s cheating on her. Sierra thinks it’s simple – divorce him. When Johnny and Brad tell her it’s not that easy. Sierra starts to ask questions about the husband like what he looks like, places he frequents. Sierra makes a call to Max, has the husband checked out. Boy does she has plans for him. Mess with her friend, ex-friend, not going to happen.

Will the friends work out their differences? What happens when they find out Sierra works for the FBI? Is Jordan one of the drug dealers?

Join me next week as I talk more about  Dangerous Liaisons.

Happy Reading!


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