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This week I introduce you to Johnny Nelson; the guy that captured Sierra’s heart and broke it – only Johnny doesn’t realize it.  Here’s just a tiny bit of backstory. The foursome went to the same college but something happened and Sierra up and left, going to another college. They never heard from her again, never knew what happened.

Johnny becomes a boxer until an injury ends his career. Fortunately, he has a teaching degree to fall back on and he is now a teacher at Morris County High School (Brad and Jordan are also teachers there as well).

Life goes on. Maggie Walters (Sierra’s aunt) asks Johnny to be her power of attorney  (along with Sierra, if she cannot be found) and she asks Johnny to find her niece. It seems Sierra hasn’t been in contact for years.

Johnny can’t turn down the elderly woman’s request but he has no idea how to go about looking for someone who couldn’t be found all those years ago.  He seeks the help of his old high school friend; now a police chief.  Don Gaines looks up Sierra Walters in the DMV database and waits to see if there any results. He’s already warned Johnny about possibilities; Sierra may have a clean driving record, or may not live in Virginia. But Gaines is shocked when his database takes him to the FBI website and shuts him down. A quick thinker, he tells Johnny the DMV website is down but he will keep trying. Gaines knows he cannot tell anyone about this.  The last thing he needs is the Feds on his back.

Johnny later discusses Sierra with his friends. They get the word that she’s coming to the high school reunion but that she now goes by Lancaster, meaning she’s married.  Johnny realizes he has lost the love of his life – again. Though he’s had many women come and go in and out of his life, not one of them has come close to his Sierra.

Johnny wants to see Sierra. He wants to know why she left him all those years ago without saying a word.  He had plans for them. He thought she loved him. Though he had never told her he loved her, that was about to change, then she was gone.  She got payback on the three of them – writing their term papers so badly they all received failing grades.  Something happened the night before finals – Johnny doesn’t know what but his life was never the same.

Fast forward: Johnny finds out Sierra is in town – a changed woman apparently.  She prevented her own mugging by taking down the two men using martial arts moves. The Sierra he once knew was not aggressive.

Next thing he knows she’s a substitute teacher at the high school. Brad told him she sounded tough with the students. His Sierra was never like that.

Then he and his friends(they had hopes of talking to her as she has been avoiding them) find Sierra in the cafeteria; only they find Sierra and the other substitute Colton Layne (actually Colton Jameson, Sierra is undercover as Sierra Walters, which confuses Johnny even more!) taking down a student who has started a fight with a cafeteria employee. Johnny notices the teamwork between the two and thinks it’s strange. His Sierra was never this aggressive.

Johnny decides to do a search for Sierra on social media….strange…he comes up with nothing. When will Johnny find out that Sierra works for the FBI? Or will he? Is he one of the drug dealers? It would be a shame if Sierra had to arrest him. Will Johnny and his friends ever find out why Sierra left them all those years ago?

Join me next week for some more exciting characters as we meet the best friends Jordan and Brad.

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