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Today we have the good fortune to have a guest here for an exclusive interview. I am pleased to introduce Elaine Stock. A former Brooklyn gal, Elaine Stock lives in the Northeast with her husband where she enjoys spring, summer, autumn, and puts up with the winter. A member of several writing associations, she also is a contributing author to the international “Happy Sis Magazine.” In addition to Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads, she hangs out on her active blog, Everyone’s Story, dedicated to uplifting and encouraging all readers through the power of story and hope.

Have you always had a passion for “everything books”?

As far back as I can recall, yes! I grew up watching my mother always reading, and she made a delightful big-to-do when I turned 5 and signed for my first library card. I devoured all types of books, eager to escape with the story characters into their worlds. I think fiction is a great way for one to learn that they’re not singular in thought, action, and feelings.

When did you start writing?

My first attempt at “professional” writing was a poetry contest in 3rd grade… Does that count? <smiling> I won! In sixth and seventh grade, while my peers started the dating scene, I attempted writing plays, desiring to get to Broadway one day. Guess I had huge dreams back then. Through my high school years and college, I dabbled in fiction writing, but it wasn’t until my mother passed away almost a month past her 46th birthday—without seeing many of her dreams come true—that I became serious with my writing and chased after publication. Life 101 happened, and it wasn’t until many years later did I see my first novel, Always With You, debut.

Do you have favorite books? Favorite Authors?

I love so many books. However, from the past few years, I’ve enjoyed Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale, Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller, and Sue Monk Kidd’s The Invention of Wings so much that I wish they could become required reading in schools. As for fave authors, these mentioned three, and many others.

As a writer, I get ideas at the oddest moments, where is the craziest place you have gotten an idea for one of your stories or novels?

I’m unsure if your viewers would consider this as crazy, but often when I’m at the day-job and I’m doing work that allows for massive amounts of daydreaming to maintain my sanity, thoughts, especially bits and pieces of conversation between my characters, will flash through my mind and I’m constantly scribbling these ideas on scraps of paper and stuffing them into my pockets to later strew across my house.

Let’s do a “what if” question. What if you were on a boat and it was sinking, there were two crates of books, one was all of your favorites that you’ve read, the other filled with books you haven’t read but – you don’t know what type of books are in that crate. Which do you choose?

Yikes!Don’t. Swim. Gulp!! Although treasured books are like friends, I’d probably choose the crate of unread books in hope of visiting new places and befriending new characters and learning life lessons in the process.

What do you do in your spare time?

Honestly, these days I don’t have any spare time. I’m either working at the day job or on my writing. Too tired on weekend evenings, I do indulge in DVD watching (I love musicals, dance flicks, and suspenseful dramas). However, once the weather warms to above 20 (it’s been the single digit or below 0 temps here in the northeast). I’m looking forward to enjoying long walks down country roads.

What would you like to see happen in your future?

My current fantasy: being able to retire from a day-job and concentrate full-time on my writing while becoming much more active in my church and community.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to be a writer?

Hone the art of 1) patience—as in accepting God’s timing for you, 2) self-respect, 3) get used to the fact that you’re imperfect and will make mistakes but that you can fix them!!, 4) self-perseverance and 5) cut down on the self-comparison to others—I’d say eliminate it all together, but if you’re a human being like I am, it’s not going to happen… but really try to reduce the intake from your daily diet since it’s like sugar… a bit too much can mess you up.

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Here’s a blurb for Her Good Girl, which releases in both print and Kindle on January 22nd, but is set for Pre-Order for only 99 cents:

Sometimes digging deep frees you to bloom.

Sadie Tremont’s will to survive is killing her. Almost 18, she’s battled one mysterious illness after another. Tara-Lynn, her mom, insists she’s the only one with the ultimate cure. Sadie can’t depend on her dad to help when his only interest is underground caving. Her grandmother too easily counts on God to help, but Sadie has stopped waiting for miracles. Callie, a café owner, and new friend might help but can she be trusted?

Then there’s Sky, Sadie’s new boyfriend who offers a sliver of joy, peace, and self-respect. When he schemes that the only way for Sadie to be happy is to escape with him from her native West Virginia hills by killing Tara-Lynn, she’s trapped.

She can’t partner with Sky to hurt the mom who has hurt her for years . . . or can she?

When tragedy strikes and threatens Sadie’s dad’s life and the shaky ground the Tremont family stands on, will they pull together or give in to the weakened earth beneath their feet?


Thank you for joining us!

About The Author
Barbara Tyree Barbara Tyree was born and raised in Lexington, Virginia. She always thought Lexington was boring with nothing to do until she got married and moved to Leesville, Louisiana. After living there for three years she and her husband moved back to Lexington. She attended Dabney S. Lancaster. She has always had a passion for reading and writing. She loves animals but is allergic to cats. An avid Elvis Presley fan since she could remember as well as Rod Stewart but loves all types of music. Since writing Dangerous Liaisons (releasing in 2018), she has three other novels in the works as well as the sequel to Dangerous Liaisons. CONNECT: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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