Meet the Guest: Interview With A.L. Mabry

Meet the Guest: Interview With A.L. Mabry
December 7, 2017 No Comments » GUESTS Barbara Tyree

Today I have an interview to share with you! We are joined by A.L. Mabry aka Amanda Mabry. Amanda is one of the founders of OWS Ink, as well as the Executive Marketing Director there. She is also a fantasy and dark fiction writer, a poetess, and a crafter.

Have you always had a passion for “everything books,” and when I say this – I know you get what I’m saying!

I have been a word nerd for as long as I can remember! I already knew how to read when I started kindergarten and had already read all the typical books that would be on the shelves so the teachers would be challenged to find me other books. By third grade, I had read all of the Nancy Drew books, The Babysitters Club, Boxcar Kids and so on. The summer after fifth grade I read my first Stephen King book-The Stand. The second, unabridged version.

When did you begin writing?

I was also an avid writer growing up. I still have the first book I ever “published.” I wrote it when I was 12 and it is covered with laminated construction paper. I enjoyed so many of the writing centered activities in elementary school and then I joined the Young Authors Society in junior high.

Do you have favorite books?

Anytime someone asks me this, I laugh. My favorite book is an open book. Seriously though, my absolute favorite book ever is The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Do you have favorite authors?

I do have a few favorites, actually. Stephen King and Dean Koontz topping the list.  Neil Gaiman is absolutely wonderful, he both intrigues me as a reader and inspires me as a writer. When I want something softer, Nicholas Sparks is my go-to romance writer and J.D. Robb and James Patterson are my favorite crime and mystery writers.

As a writer, I get ideas at the oddest moments, where is the craziest place an idea has come to you for one of your stories or novels?

Every time I go out in my kayak I get a scene or story idea so I actually bought a voice recorder and started taking it with me. I just plug in my headphones with the microphone and float around the lakes talking to myself for hours.

Outside of that, I have a file where I save ideas to flesh out later and almost half of these are brief plots and character outlines that my kids give me.

Let’s do a “what if” question. What if you were on a boat and it was sinking, there were two crates of books (one had all of your favorites, the other unknown). Which crate do you choose?

I would choose the unknown crate. I can rewatch all my favorites in my head anytime I want to. But, the thought of missing out on unexplored worlds and never meeting new characters makes me sad.

What do you do in your spare time, any favorite hobbies?

This feels like a trick question. Once I would have said my hobbies include reading, writing, and crafting. However, I have turned my hobbies into my full-time work. When I am not doing these I might be camping or kayaking but most likely, I’m curled up with a cuddly blanket, a few cats, and Netflix.

What would you like to see happen in your future?

I want to see many new authors become successful through OWS. I want to see my own books published and well received. I just really want to see my efforts matter in all things I do.

What makes “Amanda” happy?

I sat here and stared at this question for quite some time. Helping other people makes me happy. Seeing someone accomplish something they wanted so badly and knowing I had a hand in it is the best feeling. On a more selfish note, the opportunity to curl up with a great book and read it start to finish, uninterrupted, is damn near heavenly.

Do you have any books coming out soon for us to enjoy?

I do! The first book in my Chthonian Guardian Trilogy is slated for release this February. This first book is titled Soul Purge, and it is one of my pet projects.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to be a writer, or an artist, or anything really?

Build the two most important pieces of your professional foundation: your network and your platform. Your network is your connections with others in your field. You learn from them, teach them, support and encourage each other. You also can benefit from audience sharing. Your platform is your presence online. Your website and social media platforms in particular.

Would you like to share your social media so readers can follow you?

Of course! Readers can find me on Facebook and Twitter or they can even come join me on Patreon!

About The Author
Barbara Tyree Barbara Tyree was born and raised in Lexington, Virginia. She always thought Lexington was boring with nothing to do until she got married and moved to Leesville, Louisiana. After living there for three years she and her husband moved back to Lexington. She attended Dabney S. Lancaster. She has always had a passion for reading and writing. She loves animals but is allergic to cats. An avid Elvis Presley fan since she could remember as well as Rod Stewart but loves all types of music. Since writing Dangerous Liaisons (releasing in 2018), she has three other novels in the works as well as the sequel to Dangerous Liaisons. CONNECT: Facebook | Twitter | Website

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