A Peek Into My Writing Process: Folders

A Peek Into My Writing Process: Folders
November 29, 2017 No Comments » WRITING TIPS Barbara Tyree

Everyone has their own special way of writing. You may find it comforting to use pen and paper; if I did that I would not be able to read my writing! Whatever your method is, is your work in progress organized? Or do you find yourself having to search through your material?

I used to do my writing on my PC until I became so disgusted with Windows 10 (I won’t even go there) but now I do my writing on a Mac. Everything is organized by each WIP (work in progress). I don’t have anything all that fancy, no special software, only folders set up. Most important of all, it works for me. I have a folder for my characters where I have descriptions, information about their life, etc. Folder number two is my outline; it explains a short summary of each chapter of the manuscript. Also, I tend to go back and possibly insert notes highlighted in red of changes I want to make or a possible idea. Third, is my manuscripts.

Of course, I also have folders such as Media that contain photos, and blurbs, and other contents I may need relating to books.

You may think, this is fine for fiction writers however, I write non-fiction. You can do the same, only revise it.  Writing non-fiction is different from fiction yet the same – we still want to attract those readers’ attention.

What are your writing organization habits?

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